Go to the water, June 8 Daily Reflection

Touching the water

Are you reaching for it the cool, crisp refreshing water of the creek? Is your soul longing to be washed clean and feel refreshed and new once more?┬áIn a stream as Jesus did in the Jordan River, standing for all to see as John the Baptist, his cousin, looked at him in awe as though he was not worthy to baptize Christ. Jesus told him to and the clouds parted and a voice was heard from the heavens “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased”- Matthew 4: 17.

We all want to feel that refreshed and renewed in the crisp, pure waters of a spring from the earth. We want to start over bathed in goodness and grace to let all the sins be washed ashore into the mud where that filth belongs. We want to hear that voice from above say “With you my child I am well pleased”. We settle with hearing it from our own inner voice, we listen for that statement, for others to say we are good but deep down we want to hear it from God.

Instead of covering up the dirt with perfumes of material possessions and social status that this culture offers walk to the river or sit on the banks of a creek bed and listen. Touch your hands to the water and pray, not a formal prayer with beads or words you cannot understand or do not describe your thoughts, PRAY, talk to God about what you want, who you are and what you strive to become as a person as a child of God. Go to the water to renew your life. Pray until you know in your heart He is right there with you and ask to be forgiven. Wash it all away in the creek with a simple splash of the water and feel the life spring forth in you. Hear in your heart the words God longs to speak to you as His child. Feel the presence of God surround you and listen intently as God speaks those words to your heart and soul “This is my child with whom I am well pleased”. Know He speaks those words to you for He has been waiting your entire lifetime for you to seek Him out and accept His love.

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