God Alone, January 6 Daily Reflection


GOD ALONE written on the entrance to my Church

GOD ALONE written on the entrance to my Church

The silence hung in the air, impassable.  Like a great cloud lowered about my mind unable to touch it’s core, to lift my spirit from the depths of my being. Listening but hearing nothing audible in the mist.  Lost in the silence but not seeking refuge, rather embracing the peace of no actual thoughts..just remaining in a state of silence of being one with the essence of it….

Lightly, quietly the notes began a low humming, the voices breaking the silence into song.  Returned to the normal, the everyday sounds of life about me as though it had been only a dream, a moment lost in time.  A state of consciousness never experienced yet yearning to return to it time and time again. 

In reflection how did it begin? How deep must we go to return to it? Appreciative for those countless moments in time that felt intertwined with God alone…God ALONE…

In that moment, in that church, in that pew, in my innerbeing, in my soul entered GOD ALONE…


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