God at my center, February 22, 2013 Daily Reflection

God Alone

God is in the center of my life when I am no longer looking up nor down; with my eyes closed in prayer telling God my fears, hopes, questions and concerns. No longer letting the worries consume me turning instead to God depending on Him, trusting in Him. As my eyes start to open I squint from the glare of the light that blinds me away from God. Closing my eyes once again in prayer…let it go..let the fear go..let it go and give it to you…I pray‚Ķ I will trust you and not be distracted, led astray and confused. Opening my eyes and looking straight ahead…bowing my head and thinking your name.

When God is at my center I know there is nothing that can hurt me, nothing that with the love of God I cannot handle.

We walk distracted through life, consumed by the worries of our worldly lives. We must pause, close our eyes and trust, pray to God give Him your worries, tell Him your concerns. Then even when your eyes are open keep God at your center and trust completely not just a bit, not just 10% but completely. Always strive to keep God at your center and your life will have more meaning and peace.

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