God Communicates, June 18, 2015 Daily Reflection

Liturgy Made SimpleYesterday as I was reading for my 5th course; Liturgy and Sacraments, of the Master’s Degree program I found a quote that really made me think. It was in a book called, “Liturgy Made Simple” by Mark Searle, “God communicates to his people, not by putting thoughts into their heads or whispering into their ears, but by doing significant things in humans lives.” He goes on to write about how often we don’t recognize the communication God is trying to reveal to us because we are not close enough to God to recognize it. It is so true when you are so far removed from God and the idea of what God does for others, how on earth could you recognize God acting through others?

When we have a good deep relationship with someone we know what they mean, most of the time, and can read between the lines. We usually understand what they are trying to portray to us through their actions. Think about your spouse or a best friend that you have known forever. You understand what their actions reveal about their mood because you have known them for so long. If you don’t know God well will you recognize how he is trying to communicate with you though others?

As I wrote about yesterday, we need to discover and then continuously develop a deeper relationship with God. The better we get to know him the easier it is to recognize him in so many deeds and events surrounding our lives.

How well do you know God? How often does he reveal his goodness to you through others? How can you get to know God better? Start praying daily, read the Word of God, read books about prayer, go to Church and explore this part of your life. Then you will begin to recognize his presence and communication with you daily.

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