God Holds Us, August 8, 2018 Daily Reflection

Jesus giving comfort

The Catholic Church doesn’t believe in predestination. I don’t believe that we are puppets on a string that God controls. I don’t believe that bad things happen because God has a plan to teach us something. It is my belief and the belief of the Catholic Church that God holds us and has given us the soul, intelligence, and the ability to be able to find God’s presence in the worst situations in life. God doesn’t create disease, natural disasters, pain, or suffering. God loved us into creation through the big bang. We were created by God and are held in God’s love. God gave us the free will to make choices that cause suffering and there are accidents that happen in life. It is through our faith in God, and ability to gain insight that we find a way to grow from each situation. God holds us in good times and in bad. God doesn’t stop the pain, God holds us through it all.

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