God is not only out there, August 29, 2018 Daily Reflection

Stop looking up and look within

We were taught for way too long that God was up in the clouds, out of our reach, in every sacrament, up on the altar, and within the grasp of the clergy. What we were not taught is that God is within. God is within our souls, our heart beat, our blood flow. God is within every creation and being, wherever there is love.God is life, existence, the essence of being. God is not contained within us, God is a part of our existence. There can NEVER be a separation from God. Yet, I was taught that sin separates me from God. How can I be separated from my existence, from love, and my very being. God is the purest sense of love that radiates from my soul to others. Jesus Christ taught us through his example how to follow his spiritual path and embrace the love within, the relationship with God. He said father, because God is the creator, it was a way for us to understand that love. Jesus Christ was seeking relationship with all others on the margins, the sinners, the outcast, the confused. Jesus stood up to the rules that deluded us from the truth that lay within each of our souls. Jesus set the example of true love of God. Jesus Christ sacrificed his life because the love and divinity within himself couldn’t help but radiate, and bleed new life into this world. God is not out there, to be caught, to be grasped, God is within the core of our very soul. Stop searching only outside, instead lift the layers of rules, confusion, shame, and sin, and discover that God has been with you since your conception. The truth has been within loving you unconditionally through all time and space. Stop looking out there, God is within.

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