What God Wants, October 11, 2016 Daily Reflection

Copyright 2016 Lori Hadorn-Disselkamp

Copyright 2016 Lori Hadorn-Disselkamp

God doesn’t need us. God wants us! God created us, male and female, in his image (makes me and my son Jake wonder what on earth does God really look like?). God created us from love, to love self, creation, others, and God. What we say or do does not give God more knowledge, wisdom, or ability. God is all knowing, filled with wisdom, the creator of the universe doesn’t need us to complete him. However, God wants us and loves us without condition.

We, on the other hand, need God to be complete humans. Without God we would not exist, neither would others, or creation. We need God’s knowledge, wisdom, and ability to live, survive, and thrive on this earth. Last weekend I attended an excellent conference, “Women of the Church” and met lots of amazing women. When I told them what I do they seemed amazed. Always, I said, “It is by the grace of God that I do anything, and everything that I do.” I was not just saying that I know it to be true. I could do nothing if it were not for the grace of God and His amazing love in my life. ┬áMany people who are unhappy in life try to fill the emptiness with things but there is only one missing piece that is the acceptance of God and the surrender of one’s life to the will of God. That alone will fill the hearts of many.

God doesn’t need us but he loves us with the passion only the creator could!

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