God’s Artwork, May 20 Daily Reflection

My daughter Anna knitting a scarf

“Look closely mom you wrap it around this needle and then you take the yarn and …” Anna tried to explain to me as I watched her knitting her scarf. It’s all a blur to me now. As a child I enjoyed doing little sewing projects, cross stitch and needle point but I never did knit anything. My mom of course taught me everything. So in that same tradition Grandma teaches Anna all of the crafty sewing lessons. Anna anxiously waits to spend time with Grandma knowing that she will learn how to do something new with yarn or material. Anna is very creative not only an athlete but also an artist in many ways.

As I watched her fingers work so swiftly yet precisely I couldn’t help but think that is how God’s hands work with each of us. Each one of us a different color, texture and length in this life and yet with His precise hands and swift creation He knits us together in a masterpiece of existence. He intertwines each of our lives with others on a daily basis. As the yarn we hardly notice how many interactions have occurred in our day much less our entire lifetime; how many people He has woven seamlessly through our lives that have formed and shaped who we have become. Exchanging only a smile or a glance, unbeknown to us that in that moment God brought two separate lives into one piece of art.

 Obtaining such knowledge can be overwhelming to think just a look, a moment in time can change another’s path but it can and it has and it will. Instead of being frightened by that knowledge embrace it and work with the precision of God allow yourself to be moved where God wants to move you between the needles and through the loops all the while with the love of God in your heart, in your mind, on your lips and in your eyes.  Let your life be a part of the grandest creation ever designed by giving it to the will and love of God through loving others endlessly.

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