God’s Creation, June 1, 2016 Daily Reflection

2016 Lori Hadorn-Disselkamp

2016 Lori Hadorn-Disselkamp

God was not created. God is the creator. God is not just another being or the highest being. God is the creator of all living organisms great and small.

Humanity is one of God’s greatest creations. As such we were made in his image and likeness; with free will, intellect, and freedom. How do we choose to live our lives? Do we live in obedience to our creator? Not a blind, mindless obedience, but an obedience that places our respect and trust in God our creator to live our life to the fullest through God’s guidance?

How do we treat God’s other creations? Are we one with the earth? Are we leaving a carbon footprint? Are we polluting, overusing, and abusing the natural resources? How are we respecting God’s other animals? Do we treat them with respect, compassion, and kindness, caring for all of creation?

How do you treat creation? How do you treat yourself? How do you treat the earth and all those organisms that God has created? How do you treat our creator?

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