God’s Design, May 23 Sunday Tidbit

Flowers after the rain

Droplets of rain, beaded up on the bent blades of grass, sliding down to the tips of the flower, hanging there ready to splash upon the soil, waiting for the breeze, for the time that is right, they sit just waiting…

 God in His infinite wisdom designed it all from the beaded rain drops to the setting sun each creation made with love and open for all to witness. Stop, stoop down and look at the flowers, smell the scent, enjoy the beauty they bring to our world. God created nature and all that lives and breathes to be in harmony with each other, not to live divided but to interlock in this vast universe. Breathe in the oxygen that the trees supply for your life and know that you too are one of His creations spun from His imagination into existence and today feel that harmony and thank God for His good and beautiful artwork.

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