God’s Destination, April 18, 2013 Daily Reflection

Another angel

I am blessed to have many precious friends in my life. One of my most precious friends bought me this little angel.

Many of you know that I live my life trying to follow where God is calling me. Sometimes I am way wrong and sometimes I seem to follow where He guides. I have been on a journey for about 8 months now with a specific destination in mind. I worked diligently to do everything I could to prepare myself for where I believed God was guiding me. I could taste the victory it was so very close at hand and then with a single sentence it was gone. I was devastated by the loss. The loss of anything we have prayed for, worked for and dreamed of in our life is hard to handle. I was supported by many friends and family.

My friend gave me this little angel to remind me to never stop following His path. I know without a doubt that God has led me all of my life. I know that God’s timing is not my own. I know that God has a plan for my life and that I will continue to follow His cues. But sometimes the destination is not where we thought it would be and the prize at the end doesn’t look like we expected.

This little angel that now sits on the shelf above my kitchen sink reminds me to keep on following God’s lead and to let God pick the destination.

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