God’s Eyes, August 28 Daily Reflection

Jake's Drawing of God's Eyes (Jake is 4 years old)

Jake's Drawing of God's Eyes (Jake is 4 years old)

Yesterday in the car Jake said to me “God has lots of eyes”.   I said “What makes you think that Jake?”  He responded “He has to have lots of eyes to see everybody all at the same time”.

I will instruct you and show you the way you should walk, give you counsel and watch over you.

Psalm 32:8

I went for a good long run yesterday morning and I listened to a song I  had never heard before called Angels by Randy Travis, excellent song.  He talks to someone who doubts the existence of angels and he asks them about  feeling an angel’s presence with you.   Have you ever had an experience when you felt someone’s presence with you? Whether it was in a frightened situation or at a very emotional time in your life?  Really think about it. Just like someone was standing by you?  I think that is God watching over us, right next to us just ready to support us when we fall or need Him the most.

The other day one of my friends was talking about a bad thing that had happened to her and her brother said “I can’t believe God would let that happen to such a good person, how do you feel about Him now?”  Well I think that in the chaos that is freewill God doesn’t necessarily change the chaos or control things.  My answer, though not well versed or proven, is that we live in this world and things naturally or accidentally occur and God doesn’t stop it because of freewill.  I think God is there for us to go to for support to get us through it all, to make us stronger, to love us straight through the pain, to find the goodness again.  I think when we go to Him for help He will help us to find the goodness in the bad situations of this world.  He gives us the hope that we can truly love again and not deal with others with bitterness and hate because of our losses but continues to feed us unconditional love.

I thank God that I have felt His presence not in just a feeling that someone is standing behind me.  I have felt His presence with the birth of all 4 of my children, in pain or not.  I have felt His presence when I stood at the altar and declared my undying love and commitment to my husband.  I felt His presence as a child in my backyard when I never felt alone.  I feel His presence if I look for it when I listen really listen to my children.  I felt His presence when Jake said to me in the car yesterday morning “God has lots of eyes, he has too, to be able to watch over so many people all at the same time.”

Today take the time to think about when you have felt God watching over you, His presence.  Then sometime today sit down with your child free of the tv, video games, computer or telephone calls and ask your child about his/her day and really listen.  Then give your child a hug,  a good snuggly kind of hug and tell him/her how much he/she is loved by you.  When you hug your child see if you don’t notice God’s presence in that sweet, simple, warm embrace.  God is always present. Sometimes it’s just difficult to know it because we are not looking for Him.  Believe me He is present and he has many eyes!

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