God’s Gift: Family, July 31, 2012 Daily Reflection

Anna taking a break

My family, my husband and four children ages 13, 11, 9 and 7, enjoy bike riding together as much as possible. We like long bike rides where we explore new places. One of our favorite rides is down by the Ohio River. Last weekend we rode 7 miles together. In this picture Anna is taking a break and watching some ducks along the Ohio riverbank.

Our family is very active, we run cross country as a family, we swim together and we bike together. The most important part of whatever we do is that we are together. Life is busy and we do not always get to eat dinner together as a family especially when sports practices start back up again this fall. My husband works very long hours and many times it is just me and the kids. When we are together as a family we truly appreciate that time together.

There is nothing like being with my family. I guess it’s because there is no one on this earth that I love more than my husband and my children.  I believe family is God’s most precious gift to me. God blessed me with a wonderful husband who is my best friend. God blessed me with four beautiful and kind children whom I adore. God blessed each one of us with the opportunity to love one another unconditionally. Daily I lose my patience, I get mad at my husband for his messes, I fuss at my children and I get stressed out. But when we are all together laughing, playing and just having fun all of that petty stuff goes away. I am human and I screw up but my family knows that and they never hold it against me.

God’s greatest gift to me is my family and the love we share for one another. What is the greatest gift that God has blessed you with in your life?

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