God’s Light, March 4 Daily Reflection

The Sunlight

It’s blinding, bright, alluring and all encompassing; the sun. A part of the tree is gone. One can no longer see the branches but only the sun. This is how it is meant to be.

If we let God take hold of our lives, if we open our hearts and our everyday lives to Him, if we become a vessel and let God fill us up, we will look like the tree. When others see us they will see the light of God in their presence. They will feel the love of God in our actions. They will hear the will of God in our words. They will be in the presence of God.

So many times we wear sunglasses to block the glare of the blinding sun. We put down our visors so that we can see the road more clearly. We shade our eyes because the light is too much for our eyes to take in all at once.

We need to stop doing this with God. We need to stop putting Him in a Church and leaving Him there because it is not politically correct to talk about him elsewhere. We need to stop shading our eyes from His outpouring love from others. Often times when people extend their genuine love to us we think they must have an ulterior motive for their actions. We need to stop putting down the visor over our life, thinking we can lead it without the glare of the sun. We need to let God’s light enter all facets of our lives.  God’s love is overwhelming and seems too enormous to accept but we need to accept it. We need to stop slighting God by trying to do it all on our own and let His light direct us in our lives.

God gave each of us a purpose in this life. That purpose should be searched for openly not shaded and controlled. I believe part of the purpose is that God live through us. If we never allow Him to fill us up with His amazing love and light we will not shine before others. When we choose God we choose love. When we choose love it will complete us and make us whole. So that when others look upon us they will no longer see just a person but the glowing light of God through our love.

Today, take off the sunglasses, stop shading your life and open yourself to the alluring light of God and His almighty and eternal love.

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