God’s Many Gifts, January 26 Daily Reflection

St. Cecilia painting copywrite Patrick Sheehan,all rights reserved

St. Cecilia painting copywrite Patrick Sheehan,all rights reserved

Unbelievable, that one person has the talent to create such beauty, a story on canvas from images, strokes of a paintbrush, bringing life to a saint. St. Cecilia was said to have been a noble woman of Rome, she lived and died during the second century. Her story tells that during her martyrdom she sang to God. She gave her life for the love of Jesus Christ. She is the patron saint of sacred music. 

Can you fathom the thought of giving your life for someone else that you have never meet, only been told stories about, believed in with all that you are but have never touched or seen?

As moms I think each of us would easily lay down our lives for our children, physically we would make that sacrifice without thought! But would you lay down your life for your faith and your God?

Luckily we live an existence here in the United States that never calls us to make that sacrifice. We don’t have to tell anyone our religion or about our faith at all! We are so blessed that we do not have to hide in catacombs to talk about Christ or use secret codes, like in revelations to discuss the life of Christ. We can put it all out there on a blog, twitter, face book or in books and magazines maybe not in public schools or government but we have freedom. Some people preach it, push it and shove it down other’s throats. Other people live it by the way they live their lives. Without saying you believe your life can give witness to Christ in every action you perform.

We are so blessed to have the choice to do as we please with our faith. God asks us to find our niche in this world; He created each one of us with specific characteristics and talents to share with the world. Our job is to search our souls and find what God wants us to do, the purpose of our lives. God has given us so many hidden talents and obvious ones as well. Pat’s obvious talent is as an artist, one need only look at the beauty and grace of the painting. He has taken strokes of a paintbrush to tell the story of St. Cecilia; he has given each of us beauty as well as a new perspective on Saints. He also sings and leads our Church to God through the sweetest songs, one can hear his faith when he cantors. His contributions will be felt through his family, friends, church and many others well after he has passed on from this world to the next. That is what I believe God wants from each of us, to give what He has graced us with to others. 

Today take some time to consider your talents, your gifts from God; do you use them, could you use them? How will you show your love of God and faith, you don’t have to sacrifice your life but what will you do to share it with others, so that when you pass from this world to the next you will have somehow left the gifts God has graced you with in the hearts and souls of others?


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