God’s Presence, August 4, 2017 Daily Reflection

I feel God’s presence in the peace of a deep breath, in the sound of crickets chirping at dusk, in the laughter of my children, in the loving embrace of my husband. I can feel the presence of God in loving actions, kind hearts, creation, the empathy of a stranger, and the love of all.
When I panic, feel overwhelmed and stressed out it’s harder to feel the presence of God. Those are the times when I stop myself, slow down my breathing, close my eyes, bow my head and pray, “God I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” I know without a doubt that God’s presence is with me 24/7 but my fears, anxiety, stress, and panic block my ability to receive God’s spirit in my heart at those times. In those horrible times I reach for God and I know rationally he is carrying me, but emotionally I feel out of sorts. So, I pray. I pray in good times as well, when my heart is overflowing with joy and appreciation. I pray in times that are dull, that God will help me to appreciate life more. I pray to know God’s presence in all times. I pray that I may draw closer to God every day of my life.
When do you sense the presence of God in your life? Do you pray in the good or the bad times? Do you want to draw closer to God? You are only a breath away at all times.


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