God’s Presence, May 30, 2016 Daily Reflection

20160330_185413 (1)I am drawn to mysticism because one becomes so intertwined with God that one truly feels the presence of God. To me that is what it is all about. We are created in unity; our body and soul. When we are able to experience God with our body and soul then we are linked back to our creation. In mysticism the two cannot be divided, we use our imagination, our senses, our body, our inner self, and the depths of our soul to reach out to God and God’s presence is recognized. I believe God is always with us but it is nearly impossible to recognize God because we don’t slow down listen, look, or take the time to search, or seek our lives and our hearts.

It’s like this essay. It has taken me days to write it because I had to go to the store, the pool, church, for a run, to walk with my husband, to eat, to meet with family members. All of these meetings and things take me away from this writing that brings me in touch with God. However, what is missed is the irony of the fact that all of those things I did are not accomplishments but places where I also met God, body and soul. One of the best ways to recognize God’s presence is our everyday lives.

We just have to slow down enough to look, desire God enough to seek him out, and be conscious enough to become aware that God is all around us at all times.

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