God’s Timing, August 27, 2017 Sunday Tidbit

We have this idea that we have some type of control over time. We make our to do lists, schedule places to go, and how many things can be accomplished in a certain time frame thinking that we have control. Because we have this illusion of control. The truth is we don’t have complete control. We have the freewill to plan and make things happen to a certain extent until other things collide with our plans. God’s timing is something our feeble minds cannot understand. Our plans, goals, and timeline are nothing compared to God’s. We can only see a little bit of the picture but God already knows what will happen (he doesn’t make it happen but he knows what we will choose). We need to open our minds and hearts to the will of God and hand over our idea of “control” to God. God’s timing is perfect, we will all know this at the end of time.

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