God’s Voice, August 25, 2017 Daily Reflection

sitting in the silence

In our crazy, noisy, busy lives it is often difficult to hear the voice of God. But that doesn’t mean he is not speaking. God speaks to us in many ways in life. We have to be alert, aware, and seeking him. Yesterday, I went to my spiritual director, she is AMAZING, and she told me to put my hands to my heart and close my eyes. I sat in the silence of God’s grace. After a few minutes of meditation she asked me to listen for God’s voice and to say out loud what I felt God say. In the quiet of my heart beat I heard, deep within my soul, “Lori be patient, My will, will be done, and embrace the present.” Words of wisdom that did not come from me but from God. So, I intend to be patient, to make God’s will my own, and to embrace the present moments of my life. People probably think that is crazy, how could she hear God? The closer you are to God the more one can hear God. The more you pray, open your mind to his word, open your heart to his will, open your life to allow him to move you, the more you can hear his voice. There is a peace in the silence when we wait for God to reveal. One must exercise and practice the silence, prayer, and openness to hear the voice.
Today, try to find the silent peace within and attempt to listen for the voice of God.


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