Gone, July 21 Daily Reflection

My kids playing together

Watching them play…feeling the breeze…relaxing in the moment…realizing this is a moment…I cherish these moments.

Gone are the times when I carried a snuggly strapped to my chest with the most precious baby snuggled inside.

Gone are the times when I nursed that baby on demand.

Gone are the dirty diapers.

Gone are the nap times and quiet times.

Gone are the crib, pack and play, stroller, high chair, and baby carriers.

Gone are the coos, crying, and waking in the middle of the night.

Gone are my babies and toddlers.

Gone is the manual back breaking work and tiring all nighters.

In their place stand 4 beautiful children able to feed, bathe and care for themselves.

In their place I find peace in sleep and occasionally wake to console one of them having a nightmare.

Time never stops.

Growth continues.

Love becomes deeper.

Relationships gain maturity.

Could you ever love them more?

With each passing day my love for each of them grows deeper and fuller.

Gone are the baby days and in their place are the greatest days ever watching them continue to grow into the people they are each destined to become and the cycle is endless.

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