Good bye Summer, August 14, 2012 Daily Reflection

My children on the go karts

Our last day of summer we went to a Go Kart Track! What a way to end the summer racing 25 mph around a track!! We had an excellent summer. We hiked, biked, ran, swam explored, relaxed, read books, watched the Olympics, grilled out, went to Holiday World and Kings Island, and rode roller coasters and water slides! My children were able to be children for another summer concentrating on a stress free, fun and relaxing 12 weeks.  If it were my choice my children would not go back to school until after Labor Day but it’s not my choice.

The daily grind of routine, school days, homework, sports practices and games begins today. Each child will experience another grade, teacher and lessons. Like I tell my children the key to your future is education without it you will not have a career that you decide upon, and it would be difficult to provide for yourself much less a family. Education is the key to it all. We are blessed in this country to be given the opportunities to return to school. But as a stay at home mom it is a sad day. I had to take them to school and leave them there. Sometimes I think I just like my children too much. I love being with them 24/7. The fact of the matter is this is all temporary; raising my children and their childhood. I want to squeeze every last drop of joy I can from these days and years because I know they will be gone all too soon.

So for now I say sadly goodbye summer see you again in 9 months.

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