Good and Evil, July 24, 2017 Daily Reflection


Evil cannot exist without good. Everything God has created he created good. However, because we each have freewill we can choose to distance ourselves from God, and all that is good and pure in life, and thus turn to evil. Evil doesn’t just occur, it is chosen, cultivated, and nurtured. Every choice we make adds to or subtracts from evil in the world. Something as thoughtless as a small unkind thought can start the process turning us away from goodness, love, and willing the good of another. Turning us instead inward, self-absorbed, and distant from what is good.

It is extremely important to train and discipline ourselves in the ways that are good. The Bible is an instruction book of how to be good, the Ten Commandments spell out how to be good in step by step instructions. The Beatitudes of Jesus Christ teach us how to take the rules more deeply into our souls and lives to become our attitudes and actions. Attending Church, serving others, deepening our relationship with God and loving others for the good of others brings us as close as possible to goodness. Knowing all of this why wouldn’t we want to conform our lives to kindness, purity, service, goodwill, love, and God?

God has given each of us the freewill to choose to be good and close to God, or to be unkind, evil, and distant from God. Every time you make a choice you form habits that lead down one path or the other. Which path do you want to walk?

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