Him, March 24, 2016 Good Friday Reflection

In his hands

In his hands


It is in him that I live and die.

It is in him that I feel the pain, the hurt, the joy, the elation.

It is in him that I am able to give to another, to see the face of a friend, to have compassion

It is in him that I am given the motivation to write, teach, run, speak, and tell stories, parent, and love.


As I was running in the other direction he followed me, caught me, held me, and loved me.


It is in his existence that I will one day reach my salvation.

It is through his pain and suffering that I am given the opportunity to find joy

It is through his words that I can speak to the Father

It is through his lessons of selflessness that give me the ability to parent

It is through his eyes that I can see my own soul


As I was running towards him he spread his arms out wide, he caught me, held me, and loved me.


It is with him that I find peace and comfort.

It is with him that I have shelter from the storms of my life.

It is with him that I am given the courage to go on.

It is with him that I feel completely loved.


As I stopped running, and paused in my life long enough to catch my breath, he caught me, held me, and loved me.

Now, I stand at the precept of my life’s journey looking back, looking forward, reflecting inward, that I realize I was never without him, he has always been within me, moved through me, and stayed with me, he has caught me in his great and powerful hands, he has held me in his gentle and soft embrace, and he has loved me with a love that will move beyond time and space. Jesus Christ is my Savior, my friend, my mentor, my brother, my teacher, and my God.

This Good Friday I remember his pain, and anguish. I see what humanity did nailing him upon that wooden cross. Yet, I know that without his sacrifice and death we would never have eternity. I look forward to Sunday and his resurrection. My hope is in him, I want to catch him, hold him, and love him. Because I cannot I will catch all those souls searching for him, I will hold all those people who are mourning, and I will love every person I encounter. I will do for others what Jesus Christ has done for me.

For in Jesus Christ I have my salvation, through Jesus Christ I am strengthened, and with Jesus Christ I am empowered to bring my love to the world around me.

Copyright 2016 Lori Hadorn-Disselkamp

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