Good Vs. Evil, June 26, 2018 Daily Reflection

Black and white

As Americans, we have watched movies, read books, and listened to stories based on the traditional theme of good vs. evil. The problem with this black and white mentality is that there is nothing that is pure good (other than God) or pure evil. Each person was created with goodness and human dignity that no experience or other person can ever take away. Yet, as humans we fail in our humanity and choose evil, we walk away from the choice of love and instead cling to selfishness and thus evil is enacted. There is no one that is completely evil. Every creature was made from the goodness of God and even those who have had evil thoughts and have partaken in evil actions still have good within. There is no human being that is completely good or completely evil.

It’s easier to believe this idea of good vs. evil because we don’t have to look any closer. We don’t have to explore if perhaps some of that evil may be in our thoughts as well. We don’t have to believe that there is any chance of reform. Then we can judge, convict, and persecute. It may be easier but it is not moving our world in the direction of collaboration, healthy relationships, or love.

We need to stop seeing the world as good vs. evil and allow ourselves to believe that every person has many layers and depths. Each person has good within and even those who have committed horrible crimes have the ability to reform and change for the better. It’s easier to hate than to love and accept all people.

Today, consider that every human being is a complex person with many different layers and are not completely good or evil then the segregation will end and true community can begin.


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