Goodness, October 6, 2014 Daily Reflection

Whatever is Lovely

“Whatever is good, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely…think of these things.” – Philippians

St. Paul was telling the Philippians to think of the virtuous things in this life. We should think good and pure thoughts and God will listen to us. We should also think these thoughts because when we do we see the good in others and the good in ourselves. We spend too much time thinking about what is wrong, the imperfections in our lives and how much better everything would be if this or if that would happen. God knows we should live in the present with appreciation and contentment. God knows how the world would change if we could think differently. It only takes one thought to change one action, one deed to change one life.

Today, ready yourself to think about virtues, goodness and love. Let those thoughts overflow into your actions and lead you to love others more fully than ever before. We can change our world one thought at a time if we are thinking good thought because goodness is of God.

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