Gossip, July 16, 2012 Daily Reflection


We women love to gossip. Love it! We love to hear what so and so did wrong or crazy. We love to judge and say “well, I would never …”

Why do we love it so much? Is it because it makes us feel better about our own life? Is it because we love a good story? Is it because we love the drama? Is it because we want to feel more connected?

The majority of us don’t want to defame anyone or drag their names through the mud. We just want to talk. We hear something juicy and we just want to share it.

What we need to remember is to spread only good news about others. If we have a genuine concern for someone else’s well being we should pray for them. We can always share with our spouse, or another trusted loved one about our concern or shock about that person. Gossip begins when you take it beyond a trusted loved one, to friends and family for entertainment and judgment. I am as guilty as every other woman but I also know it is a poor choice not only affecting me but that other person.

So the next time you hear something juicy let it stop with you. Do not pass it on. The next time someone engages in this type of conversation try to walk away and not be a part of it.

No good come of gossip. What if those people were gossiping about you?


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