We Got A Dog, June 16, 2016 Daily Reflection


Max our new puppy

We got a dog! Many of my family members are in shock. My students will be shocked. No one thought I would allow a dog in my house. Probably because I never thought I would have a dog. I have four children, actually three teenagers and one 11 year old. These are the perfect ages to have a pet dog. I now have a running companion! My children now have a pet. His name is Max and he is a boxer mix.

I will not be the person that considers this dog to be my 5th child. I do not think having a puppy is like having a baby, I had four and this is totally different. I consider this dog to be a dog, a pet for our family. I love Max and so do the children. I am happy to have him as a family pet and he is adorable.

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