Grandparents, September 13 Daily Relfection

Jake's sweet treat

How sweet are the treats that children receive from their grandparents! NO strings attached, no reason to earn the treat, the reason a grandparent gives a treat to their precious grandchild is just to see a sweet smile.

As a mom of 4 young children I have yet to experience grand parenting. However, I do pray for it when I am older. My dad who worked 40 hours a week retired when his first grandson, my first child was born. He said there is nothing like being a grandpa. He is extremely involved in my children’s life because he wants to be a part of it all. He said it is the best thing in the world. A great friend of mine who became a grandma for the first time 4 years ago said “Being a grandparent must be the closest experience to feeling the love of God. As a grandma I don’t have to worry about punishing, raising the child or all of their needs. I just want to give him anything and everything he wants. I will forgive him anything at all times and just want to please him. I just want to hug him and endlessly love him. God loves us like that he wants to give us everything and every time we screw up He forgives us without hesitation.”

Grandparents know how to love without condition. All they see is the good in that child and all the opportunity for love pouring out of their little beings. They see no bad, no aspects to change, only the purest heart that presides in that precious little body.

So they give that child everything they possibly can; their time, their attention, their love, and all the sweet treats they can get away with. My friend is right I believe God sees us like the eyes of an adoring Grandma without flaws. Our goodness and pureness of heart glows in God’s vision of us. So God provides us with all that we need as well as all the sweet treats possible.

 God loves us without condition, He gives us His time, love and attention, No strings attached. God gave us free will so we don’t have to follow Him, talk to Him or even listen to Him, He loves us that freely. However, what child pure of heart doesn’t wrap his arms around the neck of his Grandpa and snuggle him with all his love. What grandchild does not fix herself in the lap of her grandma to cuddle up for a good reading of a Dr. Seuss story? What grandchild does not love the grandparent that loves them so fully without condition?

What child of God pure of heart that feels the love does not recognize it, find the source and return the love?

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