Great Day of Service, September 24, 2015 Daily Reflection

Two of my students dividing rice for clients

Two of my students dividing rice for clients

Yesterday Holy Cross, the high school where I teach theology, had a great day of service. The entire high school including, the principal and the president went out into the community with their groups of students to serve. We helped at least 8 different agencies, from landscaping to feeding the hungry. Every teacher, administrator and student is given the opportunity to learn about an agency, how they serve our community, and what we as Christians can do to serve as well.

My group along with two other teachers served at the Southwest United Ministries. Our students cleaned bathrooms, windows, walls, filed, performed office errands, painted a fire escape and doors, pulled weeds, washed toys, packed food, divided rice, and helped clients to their cars with their food. Everyone pitched in and helped. I can talk in the classroom all day long about how important it is to serve others but nothing touches a person like the experience of helping others for a greater cause.

I am so proud to be a part of an organization whose priority is the very first priority of God, to serve others. I am proud to be a Holy Cross Cougar in service to my fellow human.

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