A Tribute to Ken Stovall (Great Grandpa), January 16, 2018 Daily Reflection

Gin and Ken are reunited

Today, we will say goodbye to a blessing from God. Kenneth Stovall, great grandpa, was a precious treasure to everyone who ever met him. He was a quiet, humble, loving, family man. He was devoted to his wife of 67 years until she passed away 6 years ago. They were inseparable. He would do anything for her, he actually did everything she ever asked and more. He was the father of 7 children, grandfather of 25, and great grandfather of 57. Yet, he was able to make each one and their spouses feel like they were the favorite. His smile was filled with joy and his disposition was simple and shining with goodness. He didn’t need much, nor did he ever ask for anything.

I met him 24 years ago for the first when they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and oh my, how they did shine together. It was a hard loss when Gin passed away. I think we all held our breath wondering how he would manage but he did with a positive attitude and a continued love for others. We were prepared for his death, as much as a family can be when one suffers with cancer. When we told our children the news my youngest said, “He is with great grandma now.” In that there is such peace.

I have absolutely no doubt that anyone who knew Ken is a better person for that relationship. I also know with certainty that he went straight to heaven. He must be enjoying eternal bliss with Gin in his embrace. There will be many tears shed because we will miss this man who served his country in WWII, his wife for 67 years and his family until the day he died. Now, I believe God has opened his arms and said, “Welcome my good and faithful servant it is time to rest in my love for all eternity.” We will miss you great grandpa but we will find joy in your joy this day.

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