Great Idea, April 9, 2015 Daily Reflection

2015 Bags for needyHow often do you see a person holding a cardboard sign at the end of an expressway ramp? You feel something inside that says you need to help this person. However, you don’t want to just give him money. So, you try to avert eye contact and perhaps you say a prayer for him. But it doesn’t feel right. Someone is asking for help and you drive right by him. Has that happened when your children were in the car and you felt unsafe stopping to hand him money? Have your children asked you why you won’t help the poor man?

I have had that dilemma for years. My husband was scared for my safety and asked that I not give money. So, for years I just prayed for the person. Well, recently I saw a great idea on Face Book. One of my son’s friends was putting together a bag of essentials to keep in the car the next time they saw a person holding a sign. I thought it was an excellent idea. 2015 Bags for need 2

Yesterday, my children and I went to the dollar store and bought 20: toothbrushes/toothpaste, water bottles, dried fruit bags, hand sanitizers, granola bars, pens, pencils, word search book, combs, ponchos, deodorants, packs of gummies, and small Bibles. We assembled them and gave 4 to my parents to keep in their cars. We will keep 4 in our van until we have given them away and then replenish. I am so excited to be able to help someone who needs the help with necessities, a bit of food, and the Gospel.

It is a great lesson for my children who have been involved with service since they were little. It proves to them that we can always do something. I hope this idea spreads and helps more people! It is a very easy and doable service for those who need some help.


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