Guardian Angels, August 10 Daily Reflection

Angel in the garden at St. Meinrad

Angel in the garden at St. Meinrad

For God commands the angels to guard you in all your ways.  With their hands they shall support you, lest you strike your foot against a stone.

Psalm 91: 11-12

How many times as Moms do we thank God that our children have guardian angels?  Growing up I remember a little plastic light switch cover that had a guardian angel flying over top of a little boy and girl crossing over a bridge, watching over them.  Does anyone else remember that image?  I guess that’s where that idea came from.  About 10 years ago I read a book about people who have witnessed angels helping them and keeping them from danger.  My belief in angels, the kind talked about in the Bible the immortal beings God has created to deliver messages, like to Mary and Joseph etc, to keep people from harm like saving Daniel from the lion’s den, the ones that escort people to heaven, I started to truly believe even more about 6 years ago.  I have not had a near death experience and encountered an angel.  However a very good friend of mine is related to someone who has been blind since she was a young girl.  She says to only those she knows well that although God has taken away her physical vision she sees angels.  She told my friend how to find out who your guardian angel is, my friend did it and it worked.

My friend told me go to a place that you know you will not be disturbed make sure you have the time to do it because it may take awhile.  Quietly pray and ask God to reveal to you who your guardian angel is.  Seems simple right but who would believe it works?  The first chance I got I tried it.  My oldest who is 10 now was 5, it was when we lived at the old house and he rode the bus to school.  I had just put him on the school bus my 3 year old and baby were still sleeping.  I went to my bedroom where the sun was shining through the blinds knelt down beside my bed and felt the sun on my closed eyelids.  Then I prayed.  But like a mom all I could think about was my list of things to do for the day, laundry, what to get at the grocery when to wake the kids etc..  I had to start over again.  I prayed my normal prayers then asked God to reveal my guardian angel to me, nothing happened.  Then I thought to myself what times in my life did I feel my guardian angels presence?  When I was 6 years old I crossed the street and was almost hit by a car but I felt nudged out of the way, was that an angel?  When I finally was able to walk away from high school sweetheart and that horrible relationship I felt pulled from his apartment and the strength to walk away, was that my angel?  Then it happened with my eyes shut I saw a siloute of wings and a head and then the name Rebecca came to my mind and literally I fell backwards off of my knees onto my butt.  I opened my eyes and felt my heart racing.   Did I conjure up this image because I wanted it so bad?  Was it all my imagination?  Or did God really reveal to me my guardian angel?

I told my children about it and my daughter tried it but was not successful of course she was 3 at the time and probably could not grasp the true concept of it all.  So do I believe in guardian angels from God?  Yes I do.  Before writing this I did a little research on angels.  What I found from a website that referred only to scripture readings in the bible was that Angels do exist but they are not above humans they are messengers sent from God to keep us from harm and to minister to our physical needs and to worship God.  Angels should not be worshiped but acknowledged as a creation of God to help us humans. 

As Moms I think we see it happen all the time near misses for our children.  She was so close to hitting her eye on the corner of the hearth but she is fine.  If he had stepped out into that road 10 seconds earlier he would have been hit.  How on earth did she not hit her head on the side of the pool when she did that flip?  It is a good thing to rely on God and acknowledge that He helps us because we Moms, as superhuman as we may appear to men, we are not! We have help from someone higher up.  I for one am happy to have all the help I can get because God knows I need all the help I can get.  So next time you get a chance to be alone in silence probably at night or early morning try it.  Ask God to reveal your Guardian Angel to you, think about all the near misses in your life and just maybe you will see the one who has helped you and thank God for all the help and pray that it continues. 

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