Hammy was missing, February 6, 2013 Daily Reflection

Hammy, Ethan’s pet dwarf hamster

This is Hammy, Ethan’s pet hamster, safe and comfy in his home. Saturday evening when we came home from my mother in law’s birthday party we discovered Hammy was missing. Hammy is a dwarf hamster we have had him for almost a year now. Any time Ethan has taken him out of his cage he runs back to it. Apparently one of his cool tubes somehow came loose from the cage leaving a great get away for Hammy. Ethan noticed this at 9:30 Saturday evening.

We hunted under furniture, cushions, behind toys, bookshelves and beds. We hunted and hunted. Ethan and I cleaned his room completely from 10 – midnight hoping to find Hammy nestled in some shoe box somewhere. I looked up how to find a lost hamster on Google. I used ideas I read about; we left two of Hammy’s cages out in different rooms and tinfoil on the floor with food on it. I went to bed after midnight praying we would find him.

Early morning on Sunday, as I was about to work out, I heard a scratching coming from the kitchen. I woke my husband and Ethan. They ran to the kitchen with a flashlight and spotted him under our oven. He squirmed under a cabinet that was attached to the wall and my husband pulled it out of the wall and found Hammy sitting there. He was safe! Ethan took him back to his warm cage in Ethan’s now spotless room.

Many times in our lives we lose something or someone; a pet, a loved one, a dream or hope. There is a knot in our stomach and we pray that we will find them again and bring them home safe and sound. We were lucky we found Hammy. Today, please pray for those who are searching for someone or something that they find what they are looking for and if they don’t they find comfort in their faith in God to cope with the outcome.

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