Handprint in the concrete, June 25 Daily Reflection

Ethan making his handprint in our new concrete

“Guys, 30 years from now you will be showing your children, my grandchildren these handprints and I will be reminiscing about this day.” I told my children as they all left their handprints in the freshly poured concrete of our new patio.

We all leave our handprints in many different ways in this life, some intentionally good and some on accident or without thought. What handprints will you leave behind in this world? What impression have you made in the wet concrete of your life and the life of your family and friends? The actions you take today will form a lasting memory for those little ones all around you as well as the people you have hurt or touched so deeply.

We often race through life trying to get it all done but is being kind, helping others, slowing down and being thoughtful on the list? All of us regardless of how conscious we are of life need to slow down and check in daily to ask the difficult questions: Could I have been nicer? Should I stop doing this thing right now and call my spouse instead? Can I spend more time one on one with my children? Can I stop what I am doing and play a game or read a story with my child? Can I pause long enough to breathe deeply for a moment and say a little prayer?

All of these efforts lead to the handprint becoming a good memory instead of one that is setting and will never be forgotten for all that it lacked in this life or how it hurt or neglected others. Today be conscious of the way your hand sets upon another’s wet concrete and make sure it is good, kind and loving for all those around you as well as for your own well being. The gesture only lasts a second but the imprint will last for generations.

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