Happy 7 year anniversary to my blog, July 5, 2016 Daily Reflection

Me 2015

Me 2015

That’s right, 7 years, I have not missed one blog in 2,555 days. Actually this is my 2,570th blog I have written. There have been times when I wrote 2 in one day. This blog is a daily writing ritual. It started as a platform so that I could get a book deal. For those of you who have read my blog for years, you know I have been formally rejected several times now. This blog evolved into something more than that. It has been an outlet for the changes in my life. I became a ┬ámom of teenagers, a retreat leader, motivational speaker, a teacher, and who knows what’s next. It’s a journal of my life’s happenings but it’s more than that it is a place where I can reveal where I see the presence of God in every day life.

Thank you for reading it! Thank you for supporting me and what God reveals through me. I hope it has aided each of you in helpful ways. Keep on reading. As long as God supplies the ideas, thoughts, and words, I will keep on writing. A special thank you to my brother who has been my webmaster this entire journey. I could not do any of this without you! Love ya, Lori

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