Happy 8th Anniversary to my blog, July 6, 2017 Daily Reflection

Eight years ago today I started this blog! I have not missed 1 day in 8 years! I have written 2,933 blogs over the course of 2,920 days. Regardless of sickness, vacations, new jobs, careers, going back to school, writing 20 page papers, motivational speeches, creating and facilitating retreats, raising 4 children who have become teens, the oldest is about to start college and so much more I have never missed a day. Some may think it is because I have a routine and a habit, others think it is because I am extremely self-disciplined. The real reason is because God has inspired me to grow through this blog, to speak his words, to bring people closer to God. This blog, my teaching career, my studies, my mothermood, and vocation as a wife, my very life are all in existence so that I may glorify my heavenly father. It is not my energy, motivation, and words, it is all due to what God gives me daily. I hope you have enjoyed stopping by this site and will continue to be open to the Holy Spirit filling your hearts with faith and moving you closer in your relationship to God. I pray that God will continue to give me the energy, motivation, and words to never stop writing! It has been a pleasure sharing my life with all of you.

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