Happy Birthday Anna, May 14 Saturday Tidbit

My sweet Anna

This is my sweet Anna. I always wanted a girl! I told my husband when we decided to get married that I would have 6 children just to get 1 girl. When Anna was born 2nd he celebrated! The pressure was off.  She was my first baby that I experienced natural childbirth with on purpose. I was so proud to do it. When she finally came out the doctor said “It’s a girl”. My response was “Is it out, get it out of me!” It was a painful experience and once I knew the pain was over I said “That is my sweet Anna Elizabeth.” She is the only girl on one side of the family and one of 2 on the other side. She is grandpa’s favorite grand daughter.  She is my athlete, my artist, my speed reader, my thoughtful little one. She is determined, gifted in so many ways and unbelievably precious to me in every way. I thank God that He blessed me with my Anna. My life would not be full without her.

Happy Birthday my precious, beautiful Anna. I can’t believe it’s been 10 years! I am so proud of the person you are. I love you!


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