Happy Father’s Day Dad! June 16, 2013 Sunday Tidbit

This is my Dad! I have by far the best Dad on the planet!! I have always been a daddy’s girl. I remember at a young age when he came home from work running to him and being so excited he was home. I would sit and talk with him while he washed his car. Anytime I had a problem I always went to my Dad. He could solve any problem. There was no where I would rather be than sitting next to my Dad. When I was a teenager we would watch the news together and he would go to bed in his room and I would write in my journal in my room and we would continue to talk until we both said good night. He walked me down the aisle when I got married and cried because he thought our relationship would change. He was wrong I called him every night and talked to him. We live close to each other and see each other a few times each week. When something great or bad happens in my life he is the second person I call (I have to call my husband first). Everyone loves my dad because he is kind, sincere and generous. If there is one person on this earth I want to be like it is my Dad! He makes me so proud to carry his name (he is the reason I hyphenated my last name). I thank God constantly that he is in my life. He has always been there for me in the good times and the bad times. He is my rock and my foundation. He blessed me with an open mind, a deep faith and a desire to serve others. I LOVE him and am so proud to call him Dad!!

Happy Father’s Day Dad! You are the best Dad on Earth!!

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