Happy Halloween, October 31, 2011 Daily Reflection

Anna's Jack O Lantern

My children are aging and Halloween is changing. I remember when we would go to the Disney store and buy cute character costumes for our children. Now they all want to dress in black and be creepy, haunted characters. It’s easier but it’s not nearly as sweet. At least they still want to go trick or treating. This is probably Ethan’s last year to make the rounds and actually collect on the candy. Why do they have to grow up? They were so cute as Humpty Dumpty, Mini Mouse, Rolly Polly Ollie and Elmo. It’s all about adapting to the changes. Instead of being sad I will still be happy this day because they are still trick or treating! Enjoy your little ones this day and if you don’t have little ones enjoy handing out the candy to the little ones.

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