Happy Halloween, October 31 Saturday Tidbit

Swamp Monster Jake and Princess Trisha

Swamp Monster Jake and Princess Trisha

The crunch of the dried leaves under your feet the smell of fall in the air.  That slight breeze in the night air right after dusk, pumpkin bags in lots of little hands “Trick or Treat”.  Bunches of children running from one door to the next frantically for more tasty treats ahh, Halloween. 

Do you remember dressing up? Most of us did not buy costumes from the store.  Maybe it’s because my family didn’t have much money, but we made our own costumes at home and painted our faces.  The excitement of waiting for the moment you could get the costume on and run to that first house was unbearable.  We always had to eat a good dinner first, I would inhale my food to speed up the process.  Coming home and checking the candy.  I had 2 brothers and 1 sister so we each had a pile in different parts of the living room floor and our parents had to check it before we could eat it. Oh the unbelievable amount of patience it took to wait and not just start grabbing the candy.

Now we are parents and we get the children dressed up knowing those feelings.  We get to enjoy it from a different perspective and it is so fun to watch.  Tonight enjoy your Halloween with your children, one day they will be too old to Trick or Treat so take the pictures and make the memories while you can because they are precious memories.

Happy Halloween.

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