Harvard, May 11, 2012 Daily Reflection


Beyond our path we spotted the hallowed halls of Harvard University, a university steeped in great tradition, history and knowledge. Yet, none of this would have come to be without great faith, a vision, and the wisdom of God.

So many times we look about us and think of how incredible mankind is to design, create and construct such amazing ideas and institutions. However, we seem to forget that before the vision there must have been faith. Without God as our creator, our father, then we could have no thoughts what so ever. Without God we would doubt our abilities. Without God’s guidance and safety through our many experiences we would never discover wisdom. If it were not for God we would be nothing, have nothing and create nothing of value. God has given each of us such unbelievable blessings from the creation of our very lives to the ability to think and create. In the great words of Mother Theresa “I am but a small pencil in the hand of my God writing a love letter to the world.”

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