Hate is easy from a distance, June 5, 2018 Daily Reflection

Can you see Christ in her eyes? He is smiling right through them.

It’s really easy to hate others from a distance. To have a general consensus with a like minded group of people. To perpetuate stereotypes and look critically for flaws in others. This is how people do it. They only read news and stories that supports instead of challenges their own ideas and criticism of others.

It’s difficult to hate a person close up and personal. When you look into someone’s eyes and see compassion. When you listen to someone else’s story and hold it for them. When you find more things in common than different. When you witness vulnerability and sincere emotion. When you lean in, listen, look, and notice a person it is difficult to hate. It’s hard to hate some one you understand, that you can relate to or connect with in this life.

If you want hate instigate fear. When people are in fear they are easy to manipulate. If you want hate, build walls, physical ones, and social ones. If you want hate keep people at a distance and dehumanize others instead.

If you want peace allow opportunities for peaceful interactions. Open spaces and places for honest relationships. Love recognizes love. People ache to be kind in return of another’s kindness. It’s time for our society to break down the fear, walls, and hate and replace it with understanding, compassion, and being able to see the reflection of God in every person on this earth. It’s hard to hate up close but it sure is easy to love like that.

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