He Was Feeding Her, April 26 Daily Reflection


Sitting there at Wendy’s he placed her napkin just right tucked into the collar of her shirt and then he settled himself at the table and readied the fork to feed her. His hand began to quiver slightly as he brought the fork full of baked potatoes to her pursed lips and he coaxed her gently saying “It’s your favorite dear”. The fogginess in her eyes began to clear a bit and she opened her mouth to receive the nourishment. In only a few short moments I witnessed the unending love of a husband for his wife. Right there in the middle of a fast food restaurant surrounded by people and children noticed by no one but me and I could not shift my eyes from the scene. Without trying, without knowing others looked on He loved her unconditionally.

He loved her the way that God loves each one of us. God sits down with us daily and prepares us for the feast of life He sets before us. He raises the fork full of life nourishing faith and sweetly and ever so gently calls us by name and asks us to receive His love. He does it in our homes, in our cars, in our workplace, in our schools, at our practices, in our hearts and in our souls every day. It is up to us to open our hearts and souls to remove the fogginess and receive His gracious and unconditional love everyday of our lives.


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