He Will Remember, July 2, 2012 Daily Reflection

My friend and her little boy

In time this picture will be a distant memory of the summer of 2012. He may recall the hike walking hand in hand with his friend Jake. He may only recall the bugs he found beneath the rocks. But because this picture was taken he will remember his mommy when he was only 4. He will remember how she explored with him and let him look under those rocks at those creepy crawly creatures.

One day he will be bigger than her, she will be smaller than him, the roles will reverse and he will care for her. Hopefully when that time comes he will remember all the love and time she spent with him and he will want to do the same for her.

It is but a moment in time that we have to love our children and then it is no more. Love them, hug them, respect them and cherish them for the days are numbered and we have but one life to spend with them.

For one day he will remember…

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