Head in the clouds, July 22, 2013 Daily Reflection

The ramp to the treehouse

My four children and two nephews have been building a tree house for about a month now. This is a picture of the ramp going up to the platform. They are having a great time using hammers, nails, saws, ideas and designs they have thought up in their creative minds.

We need to think as children do as far as our creativity goes. As adults we shut ourselves in these boxes that keep creativity out. It’s like a line from my favorite movie “The Never Ending Story”. The main character Sebastian’s mother has passed away and he is caught day dreaming constantly in class. His father tries to have a talk with his son. It is a brief and unproductive, one sided talk. He says, “Sebastian you need to keep your head out of the clouds and your feet on the ground.” We adults say the same thing to each other and inside our minds. But the truth is the most innovative changes in our culture come from the ideas that are day dreams and outside of the proverbial box.

Today, take some time to be creative in your workplace or in your home. There is joy in creativity and so much self expression. Let your feet come off the ground and your head get caught up the clouds from time to time!

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