Hearts for the Holy Spirit, February 21, 2018 Daily Reflection


Today, is the first meeting for the new retreat leadership organization I created at Sacred Heart Academy. I am so excited about this group. The students were nominated by teachers. They were looking for students who are kind, compassionate, and faith filled (or at least interested in exploring it). They were asked to find those students who may not be in the spotlight, involved in everything around school. I am searching for those students who have the potential to become servant leaders. The teachers were wonderful about nominating 66 caring young women. I emailed the nominations to the parents and students who were selected. The student had to complete a very reflective application to prove their interest. Thirty one applications were submitted. I read over each application with a smile on my face. These young women are authentic, compassionate, curious, happy to serve, and eager to be a part of another’s experience of faith. They were all accepted into the organization.

The organization was created with the Mission: The retreat leadership organization was created to teach and cultivate leadership skills, presentation skills, the ability to have spiritual conversations on retreats as well as in everyday life settings, mindfulness, a deeper prayer life, and setting an example of a faith filled teen in the community of Sacred Heart and Louisville, Kentucky.

Not only will they help to facilitate retreats I will be teaching them mindfulness, different types of prayer, how to be a mentor, and the four core values of St. Angela Merici; community, reverence, service, and leadership. They will be taught a different theme at each monthly meeting. I will be teaching again but like before there will be lots of interaction and collaboration. I want what they learn with me to translate to their every day lives. I am so excited to create a group that will allow the Holy Spirit to work through these precious young women. Say a prayer that the Holy Spirit flows through this first meeting.

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