Hidden Treasures, October 12, Daily Reflection

Wet Land at Mammoth Cave National Forest

We biked, hiked, went horseback riding, manned a fire and slept in a tent for our fall break. Our family loves to bike. This was a wet land that we biked around at Mammoth Cave National State Park. It was quiet, except for the sounds of nature and so beautiful. The area was tucked back from the road a little, like a treasure just waiting to be discovered.

So many times in life we are in motion and miss the treasures that surround us. We are so focused on our goal for that moment that everything else is a blur. It seems like slowing down is not an option if we want to check off our list for the day but a few minutes here and there will not wreck the entire list.

As we bike we look for places like this. Places that reveal and preserve God’s majestic creations.  When we are able to witness these hidden treasures we thank God by stopping and taking a moment to enjoy them.

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