Hit your knees, September 22, 2016 Daily Reflection

20151231_184932I am trying to start a new habit. Each morning when my alarm clock goes off I turn on my light and hit my knees beside my bed, fold my hands and start thanking God. Yesterday, I hit my knees with tons of humility asking God to carry me through my first Great Day of Service, as a service coordinator. I thanked God for my life, my family, and the opportunity to serve him. It only took me about 30 seconds but the difference it made lasted for hours.

If we wake up in the morning thinking about all of the hundreds of tasks we need to complete our day starts with tension and anxiety. Tasks become our focus for the day. If we wake up and hit our knees, kneeling to God’s goodness, and graces, we focus on God and gratefulness. If we focus on gratefulness and giving God the glory our perspective can change our outlook and our day.

Here is the challenge. Tomorrow morning slide out of your bed, hit your knees and thank God for your life, and for the opportunity to serve him another day. Be mindful of the day and see if that act changes your day.

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