Holy Cross vs. Mercy Game, October 20, 2015 Daily Reflection

Holy Cross vs. Mercy

Holy Cross vs. Mercy

Last night Holy Cross (the high school where I teach) played soccer against Mercy (the high school my daughter attends, and the high school I attended). The majority of the team from Holy Cross was made up of my students, whom I truly adore. My daughter subs for Mercy’s varisty team, I don’t know many of the players, but its my daughter’s team. Well, I wore a Holy Cross shirt to the game to support my students and when my daughter played I put on my coat and zipped it up!

Honestly I could not be more proud of my Holy Cross Cougars they held the Mercy Jaguars to 6 goals. Which was not easy. Madison, HC’s goalie worked deligently as Mercy drilled one ball after the next. Holy Cross played as a team and their defense was excellent! Mercy looked great and Anna actually had more than 40 minutes of playing time, she had quite a few shots on goal but did not make any. The best part about the game was the kindness with which my students treated my daughter. Out on the field they talked to her and were very friendly. They were respectful and good hearted. My daughter told me all about them after the game and how nice they were to her. Obviously I am always proud of my daughter and I have high expectations of her behavior and respect towards others. I also have high expectations for my students. However, I never considered that during a serious game in between points they would be so kind to her. I tell my friends, family, and all those who will listen how much I love my students at Holy Cross just because they are exactly who they are, but last night they proved to my daughter why I love them so much, they are good natured, kind, and respectful girls!

I LOVE MY COUGARS!! The score doesn’t matter to me as much as how you treat people on and off of the field. Girls you made me proud last night!!

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