Holy Night, December 19, 2012 Daily Reflection

Silent Night, Holy Night…


Mary was just a teenager she trusted in God completely. She was in a foreign land with Joseph. There was no comfortable place for them to spend the night. There were no doctors or nurses by her side to give her reassurance. There were no medications administered to take the edge off or dull the pains of her labor. There were no sterile sheets only straw. There were animals surrounding her as she gave birth to the savior of the world. She, herself, was just a child and she carried the Messiah within her womb. She bore the son of God. That first holy night Mary held him in her arms and wept at the sight of him because her heart had never felt such love before. She did not and could not grasp the magnitude of what she had delivered into this world. She said yes to God and God granted her the ability to love and be loved by Jesus Christ in the flesh and blood.

That first holy night she could not have known that the birth of her son would change the course of our world.

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